We've previously gave you some suggestions on DJs to follow on twitter, but we left out one of the most important parts: DJs love to share information on their travels. And sometimes, that shit can be crazy to read. There's nothing like catching up on a DJ's travelogue and seeing them talking about how to make tea, or ranking on British Airways, or even wondering why someone is making their sushi.

@DJsComplaining started in September of 2012, and chose to retweet some of these experiences, and the account took off. They recently wrote a piece for Mixmag about their intentions behind the account, and we have to admit, the picture that these RTs paint is definitely interesting, and not something you're normally accustomed to hearing when talking about "superstar DJs." In the end, there's some sympathy that needs to be given to our favorite selectors.

And other times, you just have to laugh at a DJ tweeting in all caps about "having" to go to Japan.