It's harder than ever to keep up with the relationships between media, money and music.

Between concerts, major labels, independent artists and terrestrial radio, streaming services, artist management and legal, the entertainment business has become a constantly shifting matrix of power. But power, in rap, is different.
In the hip-hop world, what does it mean to have power? Who are the people behind the scenes—as well those in front of the cameras—who have the real ability to make things happen? Who are the artists, booking agents, radio suits, DJs, A&Rs, label execs, and (yes) editors who everyone else can't say no to?
We spoke with Reggie Osse (AKA Combat Jack), a renowned hip-hop podcast personality (The Combat Jack Show), widely-read blogger (Daily Mathematics), longtime hip-hop attorney and former managing editor of The Source. With Jack's battle-tested help, we've put together a definitive list of The 25 Most Powerful People in Rap
By Combat Jack (@Combat_Jack)

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