Winner: Serius Jones
Year: 2012

After a very strong opening round by Charlie Clips, where he calls out former champ Serius Jones for being a barber and for retiring and needing to come back to battling, Serius smirks and leads the crowd in applause...followed by a complete dismantling with his first line: "9 years ago, I was a barber, so I know how to handle Clips."

Serius' first round is fine art: "You graduated from Washington Irving in 2001, but you acting young on this god damn stage? You mean to tell me you had four battles, two mixtapes, no deal, and we're the same god damn age?!" He leads the crowd in cheering. He totally breaks down Clips' personal failings, obscurity, age, and lack of any success in the music industry. And in between lines, he points at Clips and says, "You're dead. He's dead."

This battle is like a boxing match, with huge twists and turns in momentum. After Clips completes a better-than-expected second round, Serius loses the crowd during his turn. But when you think that Clips has it all sewn up at the start of the last round, he stumbles and falls short of the finish line, leaving Serius with an opportunity. After apologizing for his second round, Serius gets serious and finishes what he started.