Winner: Unsure
Year: 2007

In a battle that looked like it sparked up naturally in a Harlem clothing store back in 2007, battle legends Murda Mook and Loaded Lux went after each other for eight rounds! Surrounded by folks dressed up like Juelz Santana and Papoose, there was apparently nary a judge amongst the crowd.

By the time the video fades out, it's left to the YouTube commenters to decide a winner. From a sampling of the comments: "Lux won dat shit," "They should of made this 3 rounds lux killed this n***a mook shit was a bit shaky," "Lux ate mook wit dem lil n***a bars," "Mook won," and "By da 2nd Rd Mook was mad af... but it was tie... him gettin all mad made him look like he lost tho." But the real winner? Whoever said this: "Calicoe better than both of them."