Winner: Jae Millz
Year: 2002

Remember the years 2002-2004? When reality TV meant aspiring rappers arguing and throwing punches, as opposed to the has-been rappers who argue and throw punches these days? Well, when Diddy was making Da Band, he found Philly MC E. Ness, and in an effort to size him up, he brought in Harlem's own Jae Millz to battle. While most of the lines from both sides were generic-like, "I'm not impressed with your punchlines; I'll run up on you, like one time, broad day in the sunshine"-the aggression in their rhymes was true, and each raooer in their own way must have seen this TV moment as a huge opportunity.

An exacerbated Diddy was just about speechless after the first round, calling it a draw. After two rounds, Diddy couldn't take it anymore and brought the battle to a close becaus he was so impressed with the effort. He made a point to note that neither man was a loser. As of press time, record labels had yet to return calls on whether either artist was a winner.