Winner: Unsure
Year: 2012

With JC and Chilla Jones relatively new to the scene, it'd be incredibly easy to be skeptical: they're too young, too green, too 'nobody' to make it onto this list. And yet, JC's third round pumps bar after bar, to the point where each line makes the Harlem room cheer and gets the clock to stop: "We heavy armed, like Precious" gets topped by "Stomp him, but leave him choices: Timberland or Nike/Face the tree or get chin-checked."

It's a masterful dismantling: a girl who had earlier been cheering for Chilla screams mid-way through, "You just lost round three." And yet, it's close. The more one watches, it's clearer that Chilla's got the stronger words for his opponent-they're just more understated.