Winner: Jae Millz
Year: 2003

Up on 125th Street, Harlem spitters Murda Mook and Jae Millz spit for Harlem. There are quotables aplenty, from Mook saying, "His career? It's on a treadmill/Yeah, he getting run, but he ain't going nowhere," to Millz returning fire with, "What the fuck is a Murda Mook? You murdering who? N***a, you's trash; you can't even murder the booth." Mook went in, so to speak, when he said, "Go ahead, turn around if you'd like/Cause through the grapevine, Millz, I heard that's how you ask for the pipe/Don't get trapped in the hype, homeboy; you ain't real/I don't wanna hear no mess about how you spray steel/Cause in the pen, they told you to stay still/Twenty n***as in the shower, waiting to jay Millz."

Millz brought the house down when he said, "You don't have to tell me about your booth, cause I'm wearing it." (He shows Mook his watch.) Each rapper was focused through to the end with Murda Mook taking Jae Millz' flow from his NYC hit, "No No No," and Millz finishing with, "It don't matter, Mook Murda or Murder Mook/Either way, this n***a pussy, my mother'll murder Mook."