Winner: John John Da Don
Year: 2012

New York's John John Da Don had a pretty easy course ahead of him while working on his home turf. Watching from home, one can get annoyed by how on-his-side the crowd is, cheering every line like manna from heaven. Ignore that, though. This is a fairly-even match-up of wits, with St. Louis' Hitman Holla saying lines and John John Da Don flipping them back on him.

Opening up, Hitman Holla said, "I could put him in the sky, or put him in the soil/Multiple choice me, I got a couple answers for you." It's an allusion to a 'multiple choice' series that John John allegedly stole from Serius Jones. Acknowledging the history, and with the crowd saying them with him, John John repeats the lines, spitting on Hitman throughout. 'Nuff disrespect. Later, John John might have the lines of the night, closing out with: "A million views don't make you a vet/All that screaming while you're rapping don't make you a threat."

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