Winner: Hitman Holla
Year: 2010

Rap comes in two forms these days: with authenticity and without. There are those artists whose every word is the 100 percent truth, and there are those rappers whose facts are more artfully molded. Both ways have their merits, and both kinds of artists have found success. But when it comes to battle rap, fact vs. fiction rarely results in a good fight. But credit to Arsonal and Hitman Holla, who made this one interesting.

In this long-awaited battle, Arsonal went the more colorful route, using amazing wordplay to describe exactly each and every way he'd kill, maim, handicap, hospitalize, hurt, and destroy Hitman Holla, his relatives, his friends, and anyone he's ever associated with. And Holla basically responded by saying, "No. You won't." He called Arsonal out on making huge threats on T-Rex... and never following through. And to air him out while getting guffaws out of the audience? Ballgame.