Granted, "I Keep That" dates itself the moment Pat insists on using two-way cell-radio as a method of communication ("chirp me up, I'm chirpin right back"), but so did anyone who rapped about using a SkyTel pager, and they, too, are enshrined in classic status. So goes Project Pat: Like any businessman with sound fundamentals, here is a guy set on diversifying his stock. This cut from 2006's Crook by da Book has him selling (and using) both cocaine and marijuana, and honestly, there's a blue collar work-ethic at play here that's downright admirable (except for the whole, uh, selling drugs part). He's even a believer in customer satisfaction: "You can have it yo way/just like Mickey D's." Hours of work are put into running this operation, and you won't be able to convince Pat that his time isn't worth it. Not as long as the money's coming in, at least.