Truth is, you can knock the hustle, or at least this one. See, for all of his boasts and arrogance, "Losing Weight" actually finds Cam'ron at his wits' end. It's a side to the dealer story that's rarely overlooked, but that's why Cam resonates here: honesty and realism. The message? Moving weight's a quick means to an end, not a long-term career. Ultimately, it's a reminder that the drug business isn't nearly as glamorous as it's often made to seem, and when you tally up the jail time and lawyer fees, most dealers end up making less than minimum wage moving so-called "weight," something that Cam and Prodigy certainly felt when wondering, "Why I ain't got no money if I'm moving weight?" And in the event you're foolish enough to doubt either of them, or write them off as contrived or preachy, you can always just ask an actual economist