Better Than Original?: Yes

To say that Pink Floyd's prog-rock epic concept album The Wall did a lot for the band's legacy would be a massive understatement. As for the biggest song on the record-and maybe, of Pink Floyd's entire discography-there's no way to overstate the influence and greatness of both The Wall, an album thatwent platinum 23 times over only 20 years after its release, or "Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2." How many levels is this song great on? Well, there's the obvious ones: That it's a great song. And that it's part of a great trilogy of songs, and handily the most important entry of that trilogy (and the narrative thread of that trilogy, a man who erects a wall around his life), or of the album it's on, which is generally regarded as one of the greatest rock albums of all time. And then there are the not-so-obvious ones. For example: This a song that really wasn't even supposed to be a single to begin with-no kids, no second verse, no bridge-until producer Bob Ezrin decided to throw a school choir of kids on the track, which is around the time Pink Floyd and Ezrin (the same man who helped Alice Cooper produce "School's Out") not only realized they had the greatest "fuck school" anthem on their hands in the history of rock, but that they had one of its greatest anthems, period. As for how it compares to the other installments? If you're not an avid Pink Floyd fan and can even remember the other installments off the top of your head, we'll allow you to debate this with someone who'd actually dignify that idea.