Better Than Original?: No

The original "Losing Weight" is one of the best songs about selling drugs, period. The sequel, while maybe not so top-loaded with as many tips about the drug game, is still on par. However, instead of a grungy Prodigy adding a verse, the sequel features a young, hungry Juelz Santana doing his best to keep up with standard P set. It's a little moot, though, since Cam's verse turned out to be one of his meanest ever. It's not just mean in the complimentary sense (his descriptions are pitch-perfect: "350 on the stove and it's 90 outside"), but the story about the troubled young girl is one of his most fucked-up tales, ever. Cam raps about an addict with suicidal tendencies who was molested as a child, and he keeps her on a leash with a steady stream of coke and heroin. Eventually, she murders a rival for him. It's a sad story, one only exacerbated by how much Cam seems to enjoy his own despicable act. The only part worse: Cam tells his boy to use OnStar-yeah, OnStar, like, the OnStar button-while doing some highly, highly illegal activities. Which, come on: That's just asking for a case.