Producer: Easy Mo Bee
Album: N/A
Label: Bad Boy

You can call them "collabos" if you want, but we all know posse cuts are inherently competitive, especially for the artist of record who's hosting the other guest MCs. Nobody likes to get murdered on their own shit, but when your own labelmate does it to you and then keeps stepping over the lifeless body of your stillborn career—now that really hurts. Biggie Smalls hadn't yet released his classic debut when he murked the lead verse of the remix to Craig Mack's debut single on an upstart label known as Bad Boy Records. And while LL delivered one of his better late-career verses and Busta and Rampage turned in respectable bars, none of it mattered because DJs were too busy bringing back that Biggie verse. "You're mad cause my style you're admiring / Don't be mad, UPS is hiring." And with that Mack was fried, just like a piece of Sizzlean. Rob Kenner

Best Verse: Notorious B.I.G.