Producer: Organized Noize
Album: East Point's Greatest Hits
Label: Interscope

"Never has every member in one crew been so diverse!" It's difficult to argue with Andre's opening lines on the unconventionally-structured "Watch for the Hook." While Cool Breeze may not have attained the status of fellow Dungeon Family members Outkast and Goodie Mob, he did end up with the crew's best posse cut. Each rapper brings their own approach in the steady build to the chorus that closes out the track; after Andre sets the stage, Cee Lo's distinctive high-pitched delivery opens the door for Khujo's dense, borderline-incomprehensible bars. Big Gipp keeps it casual, letting his flow fall into a swinging, laid-back pocket. As usual, Big Boi is dexterous and precise while T-Mo is all chaotic, reckless energy. Cool Breeze, the coolest cutta at camp, employs the most straightforward style, providing the axis around which everyone else revolves. David Drake

Best Verse: Big Boi