While the music industry as a whole has been moving towards a more singles-based structure, you can't deny the impact of a quality album. The mark of any artist is how well they can put together an album, it seems. Sure, you need hits to survive, but a quality LP goes a long way in determining which artists matter, and which artists are just moving about, especially in EDM. And while production equipment and software is much easier to come by, EDM artists still get split by those who have the ability to craft a complete album and those who are just churning out tracks.

2013 is still pretty young, but we've already heard about some pretty exciting projects, from the obvious Daft Punk/Columbia signing injecting excitement into the scene, with artists like Afrojack, Tiesto, and Avicii all saying they have new projects on the horizon. We have more information on some projects than others, so instead of trying to piecemeal an idea of these together, here are the most anticipated album projects within EDM right now.