Heads up, Hollywood - if you're looking for a new weekend spot, SOUND is the answer to your steam-punk prayers. With 4 bars pumping out drinks and gogo dancer straight off the post apocalyptic playa, I was a fan before I walked in the door (which was difficult considering how tight this place is).

As far as sound and lights were concerned, the system bumped and the giant LED monitor that occupied the entire back wall was killin it the whole time. Just be aware, if you're not into the light shows - they can be a little intense. Just pull a Corey Hart and rock those night time shades and you'll be legit.

Before I get into the music, let's talk crowd. This place was grope city. I've been to my fair share of clubs in LA, and gotten weird with some interesting people in outrageous locations - and let me tell you, baby birds, this spot was packed with secret freaky-deakies. Seriously, this crowd was friendly. And by friendly I mean there wasn't five minutes that passed that my ass was not being grabbed. (who's complaining though?)

I think at this point it's assumed that Martin Buttrich threw down, and threw down until laaaate, and that the beautiful Lauren Lane dropped some bombs of her own - but my highlight of the night was Infinity Ink. Deep house duo Luca and Ali have a great thing going with the pipes and the production to back up an outstanding stage presence. If you want butts on the d-floor these are your boys. Their funky, minimal sound is dripping with sexy undertones and captivating highs that get stilettos tapping a like morse code. A smooth bass line throughout allowed for subtle drops and a kick that never ceased to surprise and amaze. While the whole night kept it 100, Infinity kept it a buck 10 and didn't quit.