There has been a lot of news (and rumors) about Robert F. X. Sillerman's SFX Entertainment acquiring a number of EDM-related ventures, and one of the axes has officially dropped. Beatport, what many see as the premiere digital retailer of EDM, has been purchased by SFX Entertainment for "a little more than $50 million."

It's a major coup for SFX, as many rely on the Beatport's extensive charting system to see what's hot in the EDM world, genre by genre. Beatport also has remix competitions, news feeds, and profiles on DJs, all things that, in the right hands, could end up being a goldmine (or at least a great jumping off point) for whatever other ventures SFX is trying to parlay this into (primarily, live EDM events).

Sillerman did not comment on this news, but we're sure to get some official word from SFX on it in the near future. Beatport's Matthew Adell is said to hope that this venture will help establish Beatport in countries where EDM is currently gaining steam.

(NY Times)