Ah, February 14th. The day Cupid clocks in absurd amounts of overtime. He floats out of bed, loads his quiver with arrows, and gets to shooting like a matchmaking Robin Hood.

Love is certainly in the air...for some. While most people are going on $200 dates and being showered with loveeeeeee and affection, others (you) have a full day ahead of coping with your crippling emptiness. Don't worry, though; we've got you covered with plenty of songs to soundtrack your lonely ass "Singles Awareness Day."

This list is for the desperate folks sending themselves flowers to their job. This list is for the people eating Cadbury eggs all day before hitting Golden Corral dolo and attacking that Chocolate Wonderfall with gusto. This list is for all the single ladies who've had nary a ring put on them. This list, quite simply, is for those scorned by love.

Don't let the embers of past flames continue to burn you. It's time to stand up and rally against your solo status. This is your pathway back to coupledom: 25 Songs for a Lonely Valentine's Day.

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