Tell us how you define your sound?

I'm an alternative R&B artist, which means my music is R&B but I allow myself to fuse in other sounds from hip-hop to rock to showcase my upbringing and individuality.

Who are your musical influences?

My mother and father as they were singers in church. I adore Solange, Janelle Monet, Bruno Mars, and old school hip-hop as well as jazz artists Ella, Billie and Sarah.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Promo schedule is mayhem!!! Radio 4am to 12noon. Lunch break for salad and smoothies. Maybe I'll sing and play the guitar for a few company executives. Perhaps an autograph signing and then a small showcase at night. That's all for about three weeks and then there's tour! There's nothing like touring. All fun, all fans, all games, all day!

That’s a crazy schedule. How does your phone help you regain power of your social life?

I have ADD, so I use everything from my smartphone alarm clock to the notes section to remind me of my life. I'm also a calendar app junkie, and of course, I take tons of pictures throughout the day, so I can remember the faces of new friends that I meet as I travel the world.

Are there times you forget to charge your phone where the long battery life of the Droid Razr Maxx HD would help you out?

I never remember to plug in my phone. That's my assistant’s job. So if she forgets, it's always nice to still have some battery life when I need it most.

Chrisette Michele’s album Better will be released April 30th, and you can keep up with her tour dates on Twitter (@chrisettem) .