Rell The Soundbender is one of those guys that is making REALLY relevant music, and I was curious how I was JUST hearing about him. He seems to have appeared out of nowhere close to a year ago, was making insane trap bubbling tracks when only a handful of producers were running with the movement, and is making some of the most unique moombahton I've laid my ears on. How the hell did this slip by me?

Instead of wondering what planet this talented producer came from (he MUST have been making relevant music under an alias), I'll move on. We got an early release of the T&A records release Moombahton Forever, and his collaboration with David Heartbreak might have been one of the best tunes on the record. It's destructive. And we have no idea why he decided to unlock his new banger, "Soy Raka" (an unofficial Los Rakas remix) for download, just for us, but we'll do the honors of blessing you with his gift.

This tune was only up as a stream yesterday. Instead of thanking us for coaxing such a massive tune out of him, thank Rell. He deserves every inch of love he gets.