Lil Wayne made headlines over NBA All-Star Weekend after taking shots at the Miami Heat during a performance in Houston, where, according to show footage and attendee Karen Civil's tweets, he said on stage, "Fuck the Heat, fuck Lebron, fuck shewayde, and I fucked Chris Bosh wife."

Tonight, Wayne called up to 99 JAMZ in Miami to apologize for his comments about Lebron James, saying, "That's my homie, and it just slipped out. I ain't mean to say that." However, he did not take back any of his other statements, including how he said that he slept with Bosh's wife. 

In addition, Weezy broke down exactly what happened between him and Dwyane Wade during the recent Heat vs. Lakers game, saying that in the midst of their unpleasant exchange, Wade told him, "We don't F with you." He also explained that he didn't get kicked out of the game, but that he walked out on his own after receiving a tip saying that security was going to ask him to leave if he stood up one more time.

Listen to the full interview below. 

[via 2DopeBoyz]