When Lil Wayne found his artistic voice in the mid-Aughts, he ran with it until he became the Best Rapper Alive. With that came a very distinct rhyme style; a mix of stream-of-conscious tangents, witty turn-of-phrase, and oblique references to his sports fandom, breadth of pop culture knowledge, and drugs. Among (a few) other things.

But nowadays, before you even hear a new Weezy song, you already know what's coming: Something about weed, something about his dick, "Weezy F and the F is for," and something about taking a shit (that guy is really, really into his own bowel movements). With the release of his I Am Not A Human Being 2 looming, Complex has managed to unearth some D-Side cuts, from the deepest vaults of Young Money's Raiders of the Lost Ark-esque archives. In them, we found the greatest Lil Wayne rhymes you've never heard. Or will hear.*

[*Because we made them up. Don't tell Birdman.]

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