Kill Paris has been making his name on the strength of his unique "future funk" sound and now we've got an OWSLA-signed EP from the producer entitled, To A New Earth. The EP features three originals and a whopping six remixes (and three more for those of you in the NEST). The original version is an a glitched-out outer-space funk jam complete with it's own fluttering melodies and stomping yet groovy bassline. Title track "To A New Earth" and final original track "Catch You" together lighten up the mood a bit, but they ultimately don't stray too much from the formula established in the opener and the result . And while there are plenty remixes in this package, none of them really stand up to the originals in any way or add much to the point where they are just afterthoughts. That said, OWSLA has a gem in Kill Paris and I surely hope he stays with them as the label has proven that they will take risks and work with and develop their talents. Disco and funk vibes, glitchy tendencies, gritty low-end, and a smooth and confident flow puts Kill Paris firmly at the top of his game.

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