Earlier today, we got you up to speed on Pasquale Rotella's "call to action" against the L.A.Times over their cover story about drug use at raves. Kaskade, who is very passionate about the EDM scene, and loves speaking his mind via his tumblr page, decided to speak on the article, which he described as being "essentially an inflammatory pummeling of the EDM scene." Here are some more of his thoughts:

First off, this article is irrelevant and outdated. Perhaps if these journalists had written this twenty years ago, when the truth was a little more ragged, they could have made an argument that wasn't so laughable...

I wouldn’t dare say we ignore the tragic accidents that happen. I wouldn’t dare say they don’t happen. But it takes a rudimentary understanding of the Basic Laws of Probability to guess that the more people that show up to these festivals, the larger the risk is that something goes awry. This isn’t unique to this music. This is a universal principle. Can we hope to avoid it? Absolutely. Can we take every precaution and security measure to hedge the odds? Definitely. But can the promoter be held responsible for the actions of the individuals at his events? No he can not.

Please read Kaskade's entire post, and make sure someone at the L.A. Times does as well.