This is strange—Twitter is ablaze with rumors surrounding this photo that just might confirm the upcoming release new Kanye West music. The album, reportedly called Rich Black American, looks like it will drop sometime this year.

Rich Black American, according to this photo, has features from Pusha T, Frank Ocean, Beyoncé, Florence Welch, Skrillex and Big Sean. There's also "Perfect Bitch" on the line-up, which Kanye previously tweeted about, and was reportedly written about Kim Kardashian. Skrillex mentioned in an interview earlier this year that he would be collaborating with Kanye, too—and sure enough, he's on the album's rumored line-up.

Can this be true? Strangely enough, everything looks legit, but the source of the photo cannot be confirmed at this time.

UPDATE. Fake Shore Drive reports that the title, tracklist, and album info, is in fact false. For those interested in a detailed account of the trolling, check out this breakdown on