Late Friday night, following his battle earlier in the week with Lil B on wax and Twitter, Joey Bada$$ deleted his Twitter account. There was some speculation that Joey did it because Lil B's army of fans, also known as his "Task Force," were harassing him on the social media platform. His final tweets suggested that his frustration with them may have lead to him deleting his account, like the one that read, "Come to my face with that taskforce shit ill punch u in ya throat." But it seems as though that was not the reason behind his sudden departure.

First, Joey responded to a question on his Tumblr page about deleting his Twitter account, saying he needed some time off from the world always watching him:

Then, this afternoon, he reactivated his Twitter account, and expanded on his reasoning, saying that it was also due to Twitter's addictive nature, and made it clear that it was not because of harassment by Lil B's "Task Force." Read his comeback tweets below.

Nice to have you back, Joey. Oh, and to those thinking that Mr. Bad-tushy is going to make another Lil B diss record, well, don't hold your breath.