One of the constantly-hated on artists within the EDM scene is David Guetta. Over the last four years, his name has been synonymous with what people consider to be mainstream EDM because, well, he is. His formula of working with pop artists (ranging from Lil Wayne to Jennifer Hudson), giving them obvious dancefloor jams for them to soar to the top of the club charts with, tracks that have netted him a Grammy and found him racking up almost eight million downloads of a "I Got a Feeling," the single he produced for the Black Eyed Peas. It's a proven formula, and it works. It also breeds hatred for Guetta.

We're driven to balance playing devil's advocate and representing the culture properly, and wanted to present a question: Is hating David Guetta fair? He's been DJing for years, practically living on the road, and seems to be genuine about making music for people to enjoy. Yet with anything that's constantly pushed in the mainstream, there's a huge resentment to David Guetta, his music, and the way he's operated within the both circles. He's not the thinking man's EDM producer, he's the feeling man's muse.

Through looking at the different sides of David Guetta's career thus far, we hope to determine if the hatred truly is warranted, or if the anti-Guetta contingent is blowing smoke unnecessarily.