This week, Slow Roast released CodesThe Get Down EP. We've been keeping our eye on him for a bit, as his is a name that's slowly risen to the top, with a slew of releases out on Hed Kandi, SMOG, and Get Right, as well as Slow Roast (obviously). We love the fact that he's not caught up in anything but making tracks that reflect the styles he loves, and will continue to do so if the papes come or not.

He's part of the resurgence of proper house, and his use of hip-hop (and whatever else he's feeling at the moment) speaks to our love of non-EDM genres being thrown right into the pool. His "Misunderstanding" remix with A-Trak was one of our favorites of 2012, so it's great to see him starting 2013 off with a proper bang.

In this clip, Codes breaks down working with A-Trak on music, how he got linked with Slow Roast, and his attitude towards making it in the EDM scene.

If you want more from Codes, check out his mix for the Mixify RISE festival.

Shouts to PRESCRIBED, who shot and edited this piece.