Jack White "Freedom at 21"
Album: Blunderbuss

Mumford & Sons "I Will Wait"
Album: Babel

The Black Keys "Lonely Boy" 
Album: El Camino

Muse "Madness"
Album: The 2nd Law

Bruce Springsteen "We Take Care of Our Own" 
Album: Wrecking Ball 


Lauren: Why isn’t “Sixteen Saltines” on here?

Ernest: Bruce Springsteen is taking this, too. Song is fire.

David: Bruce Springsteen recording during an election year is my nightmare. Why the Black Keys and not The Caesars? Or The Hives? Anyway I think Mumford & Sons is somehow the most listenable group on this list I guess that’s my vote.

Insanul: Repeat ballot: Mumford.

Foster: Liveblog of me listening to Mumford & Sons for the first time:

0:04 - O Degrassi, Where Art Thou?
0:21 - So this is who we got to replace Garth Brooks?
1:05 - In the pantheon of songs about waiting for people to come around, I really hope this is the moment in which people starting caring about literalism as a trap to be avoided.
2:48 - First sign of genuine pop songwriting talent in this song: the piano underlining, which leaves about as quickly as it comes in.
3:19 - So this is who the Grammys think they got to replace the Arcade Fire with?
3:42 - I’m okay with this. You know in Top Chef, when they’re telling a chef, “There’s a lot going on here” in that dish? And you don’t know how you’re supposed to feel about it? Or maybe that’s just how I feel about the banjo in general. The banjo is a lot to deal with.

Muse deserves to win, Springsteen will win. Mumford and Sons is, I don’t know, it’s bluegrass for people who buy CDs at Starbucks, I guess.

Should Win: The Boss.

Will Win: The Boss, Subaru Drivers, Ride-or-Die Suburbanites.