The Black Keys El Camino 
Label: Nonesuch

Coldplay Mylo Xyloto
Label: Capitol

Muse The 2nd Law 
Label: Warner Brothers Records

Bruce Springsteen Wrecking Ball
Label: Columbia Records

 Jack White Blunderbuss
Label: Columbia Records/Thirdman


Lauren: To quote @somanyshrimp, IDGAF. But if I had have some fucks leftover at this point, I'd say Coldplay because their album name reminds me of axolotl, which is a salamander of sorts that is always smiling and has a really cool head.

Ernest: It’s pretty depressing that this is where rock is at right now. Not even that these picks suck so much, but it’s just like, the same people over and over and over.

David: Are there any other rock bands still recording?

Foster: [Sighs] I know we sound like haters, but is it hating if the thing you’re actually hating on is mediocre? Like, when was the last time you heard someone—even your parents—say to you, You know what I’ve been listening to a lot? The [Insert One Of These Bands] album. Of all of these bands, the Black Keys record—a great record—is the only one that I even kind of give a shit about. So it should win.

Insanul: If you got the Best Album nod, then you win your Best Album of Your Genre category by default. So it's Black Keys or nothing.

Should Win: Black Keys.

Will Win: Black Keys, or the status quo. Definitely one of the two.