Thank you, Natasha Kmeto; you encompass a couple of things we ask for in the electronic music scene. One of the obvious is that, yes, you're a woman, and electronic music needs more women out there doing it, both on the vocals as well as on the beats (and you excel at both). We also need more soul within electronic music, and you bring the soul in spades. Yes, we've heard your Dirty Mind Melt EP that came out this week, and we're in awe. There's just something about those leftfield soundscapes that you build then add vocals to. Mixing technology with humanity really speaks to us androids. Again, thank you.

We also want to thank you for contributing to our Five Tracks series; it's not every day that we find people who can slide easily from Reprazent's classic New Forms album into some Georgia Anne Muldrow, then come up for air with one of the best Daft Punk singles, ever. If you're as intrigued by Natasha Kmeto as we are, you need to first check out her influential Five Tracks, give "Contranym" a spin, then grab that EP and see where all of these dots connect.