We know what it's like; you see everyone around, making goo-goo faces at their stupid loved ones. "Every kiss begins with Kay" and Hallmark "tell me I'm beautiful" commercials. The scores of flowers that are being sold. The emphasis on red, pink, and everything heart-shaped. If you're not with someone, or not into the holiday, you've had a middle finger up to damn near everything and everyone for the past few weeks, huh? Maybe you're like David Heartbreak.

Heartbreak's a producer that marches to the beat of his own drum. If you love the moombahton sound, you've no doubt heard some of his world-shaking rhythms more times than you can count. He's not married to one sound, and he's not one who normally does the "Valentine's" thing. Of course DAD asked David to make the anti-V-Day mix, but it's not exactly what you'd expect. It's no balls-to-the-wall, grinding affair here. It's more calm, future bass session, like closing the entire world out and just being. There's a ton of his original production, as well as tracks from Influx, Yarin Lidor, Nicademas, and many others.

Basically, if you love yourself, you'd be doing yourself a disservice by sleeping on this. Kill the competition, bump Heartbreak's mix.


David Heartbreak - Air of Life
Robert Miles - Children (Nicademass Remix)
Influx - Northern Lights
Mr. Vega & David Heartbreak - Thai
Seven Lions - Days to Come (Cy Kosis Zen Remix)
Nicademass - World in My Eyes
The Police - Roxanne (Special Rekwest)
Infuze - Fever
David Heartbreak - Lost & Found
Infuze - Can't Get enough
Jeremiah - Birthday Sex (Yarin Lidor Remix)
Nicademas - Stary Nights
Rui Da Salva - Touch Me (Yarin Lidor Remix)
David Heartbreak - Everything
Influx - Standing There Waiting to Hold Her
David Heartbreak - Reasons
David Heartbreak - Subconscious
David Heartbreak - Dave's Diner
Throwing Snow - Naked Dance