Album: Muggs Presents Soul Assassins II
Label: Rufflife UK Ltd.

DJ Muggs: “After we did the first song, everyone was like, ‘You and GZA need to make an album.’ The second one, we did it downtown, I forget at what studio, but someone in the studio had beef with somebody. So some fools came running up in the studio with like eight or nine guys with shotguns and Uzis while we were recording.

“The engineer came in, and was like, ‘They got guns outside!’ [We didn’t hear anything] because the music was so loud, with the opera music. I look up, and they run in the studio, and grab this one kid over here, and slap him up. He was some kid that was in there, not connected to me or GZA at all. It was something [related] to the beef with Mobb Deep and Tru Life at the time.


Some fools came running up in the studio with like eight or nine guys with shotguns and Uzis while we were recording.


“Some of the Mobb Deep guys were my friends, and [I invited] Infamous Mobb to the studio that night. So when we got to the studio, we had seen Tru Life, who’s a super cool cat, and said what’s up. Then an hour later, the Mobb Deep guys came, and I guess he was like, ‘Oh, where did these guys come from? Are they trying to roll up on me?’ So some people ended up coming in the studio [as back-up].

“The thing was, me and GZA were in the studio, and nobody even looked at us. But the surreal part about it was the music was at full blast, and it was opera music, and fools are running in the studio with guns, and the music’s on, and there’s a lot of weed, so I was like, ‘Whoa.’ And GZA just went, ‘This is Wu-Tang.’ And it happened in about a minute, then they left, and I turned the music off and looked at GZA like, ‘What the fuck just happened?’ Then I turned the music back on.

“Most of it happened in the lounge. Some other kid got pants’d. He was standing there. I saw these kids with them, it was fucked up. Some of these youngsters had come with them to the studio for the first time, and they stripped them, and had them sitting there with dirty underwear. I almost started laughing. That was a crazy night. It was all good though. Everyone called us the next day like, ‘Sorry you guys had to be there. But these fools were violating.’

“I got the song done, but I never got a second verse. I got the one long verse, then GZA was like, ‘I’m done.’ [Laughs.] He tried to write some more, but he was done. So I ended up having to take his one verse, which was 24 bars, and cut it in half. It never had a hook, so I just threw the chick on there, like, ‘When the fat lady sings, it’s all over.’

“We did the video, and kept the military theme from the first one. But we tried to do it like we were in Saudi, on some French, foreign legion type shit, lost in the desert. We filmed it in the desert in California, where it’s so hot, like 115 degrees, and your sweat dries before you even know, and you get so dehydrated. You just gotta keep drinking water, because it’s so hot, you’ll just faint if you don’t.”