Last weekend, we dropped Part 1 of our DJ Muggs Tells All feature, where he broke down the stories behind the classic songs on his group Cypress Hill's first three albums, including an in-depth look back at their beef with Ice Cube. He also shared behind-the-scenes details about the making of timeless hits like House of Pain's "Jump Around," and how remixes with the Beastie Boys and U2 came together.

In Part 2, we continue with Muggs' production career as he creates more monster records with Cypress Hill, and also branches off to record his Soul Assassins albums with legendary artists like Dr. Dre, RZA, GZA, Mobb Deep, Goodie Mob, and Kool G Rap. And we talk to him about his new electro-influenced LP Bass For Your Face, and how his collaborations with fire spitters Danny Brown and Roc Marciano have given him new inspiration for future hip-hop endeavors. He also reveals that he has upcoming material dropping with Meyhem Lauren and Action Bronson

Find out which artist's session got interrupted by an armed robbery, what music video Muggs regrets filming, and what superstar used to hang around Muggs' house during the early part of his career. This is real rap history, raw and unfiltered.

As told to Daniel Isenberg (@StanIpcus) 

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