The war on wax and Twitter between Lil B and Joey Bada$$ has gotten pretty intense in the aftermath of their diss tracks. Last night, Joey vented his frustrations about Lil B's army of fans—known as his "Task Force"—harassing him, tweeting, "I just wanna snuff somebody and delete my twitter. Yall taskforce niggas is pussy. Gay ass computer nerds. Come to my face with that taskforce shit ill punch u in ya throat." Following those tweets, Joey deleted his account.

Joey told MTV News on Thursday that dissing Lil be was "too easy," but it looks like dealing with his fans was another story. Any bets on how long it will take him to hop back on Twitter? Or is this a permanent move for Mr. Bad-tushy. We'll have to wait and see. For now, catch up on all his final tweets, and stay tuned to any upcoming info, on Joey's Facebook page.

[via The Masked Gorilla]