As we reported over the weekend, legendary R&B singer Cecil Womack passed away last Friday, February 1 at the age of 65. While a cause or exact location of his death has not yet been revealed, one member of his family has stepped forward to share his feelings.

In a beautifully written Facebook note, brother Bobby Womack opened up about Cecil's passing, how they were able to reunite in 2012 following years spent apart, and shared some wisdom for anyone dealing with familial issues. You can read it below.

I was terribly upset when I heard about my brother's passing, and I still am. We made music together for a long time, but we've had many differences over the years. Thankfully we got a chance to reunite last year after a very long separation - and little did I know that it would be the last time I would see him. I can only pass along what I have now learned, which is to not let anything - money, success, etc, come between you and your family.


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