As Afrojack prepares for his first artist LP, he unleashed a new single, "As Your Friend," featuring the current bad boy of R&B, Chris Brown. Oddly enough, Afrojack's first single from his first artist album features a bunch of other people: it's reportedly written by Afrojack, Chris Brown, Leroy Styles and Nadir Sakir, with production duties being shared by Afrojack, Styles, DJ Buddha and Polow da Don.

Seven people to make a track that doesn't sound or feel as awesome as it could have been?

Mind you, there's nothing wrong with Chris Brown's vocals (except for the part where they throw auto-tune or whatever effects on it), and the actual tune is along the same flavor that Afrojack brings (and should definitely do damage in the club), but it just feels like Afrojack is trying to blend his style with some Guetta-like tracks to get that crossover cheddar as opposed to bringing something different to the table.

We hear this is one of the few pop-leaning tracks on the project, but that was also the word a few months ago. Regardless, if you like this, you can grab it on iTunes.