Hot 100 Peak Position: No. 6

This isn't just a song about having sex with other dudes' girls-and not just having sex with other dudes' girls, but having sex with other dudes' girls and being absolutely, unequiviocally about it-but the Gold Standard for this partuclar recurring theme in rap. It's a psychosexual kink that (one would think!) wouldn't be so easy to articulate into one of the catchiest pop songs of all time so much as an entry in the latest DSM text. And yet, from the brilliant minds who brought you the song about unilaterial hip-hop triumphalism, it was only natural: The acronym for Other People's Property became the cause celebre for the Summer of 1991, better known as the Summer Your Uncle Got His Teeth Kicked In For Finally Smashing The Wrong Dude's Girl. And yet, he probably still loves this song, too.