Hot 100 Peak Position: No. 1

Can you name another song where all four syllables in the word "telepathy" get their full due? Or where telepathy is employed towards such distinctly carnal purposes? If you are, in fact, on your telepathy game, you're thinking of this song, and probably have in mind one of its oh-so-distinct highlights: "Eeenie-meenie-minie-moe" being worked (and rhymed!) into a song about giving a woman an orgasm, the squealed high-note of the word "time," the free-verse interlude about how he wishes you (the listener) were near so he could reach out and "touch you," which of course goes without mentioning the chorus and central conciet of the song: That you will be shook down, and not as a con man would shake you down, oh no. You will be shook down as a man who knows how to do things would shake you down, which is to say: Crumpled in an exhausted heap of post-coital bliss after he's had sex with you multiple times.

This song is awesome.