Hot 100 Peak Position: No. 1

There are plenty of people out there who will tell you that romance is dead, but this isn't exactly true: it's just been preserved in a deep freeze in this iconic Boyz II Men single. To revive it, all you have to do is pour some wine, light a fire and follow the other steps Motown Philly's most dedicated lovers prescribe. See, there's a difference between telling a girl you'll make love to her and telling her that you'll have sex with her (although the pivotal step - "throw your clothes (throw your clothes) on the floor (on the floor)/I'm gonna take my clothes off too" - remains the same). If you don't believe it, just watch the video for this song, which is one of the greatest ever, especially for this type of slow jam. There may be a bubble bath, there may be a rose petal or two, there may be some creepy stalker undertones, but the pivotal action is a dude writing a letter to express his deep-seated passion. And how does he overcome his writer's block? By copying down Boyz II Men lyrics, obviously. That is how to bring romance to life.