Hot 100 Peak Position: No. 1

This song was so hot Bob Dole was inspired to do Viagra commercials two years after he was 2Pac name-dropped. The sexiest song to include a C. Delores Tucker diss, "How Do U Want It" was a perfect example of the way the rapper obliterated barriers between the personal, the political, the carnal and everything else. Even the primary sample, a sped-up loop of the opening to Quincy Jones' "Body Heat," had a sexual subtext, to say nothing of Pac's lascivious opening lines: "Love the way you activate your hips and put your ass out." Rap music was always good for bald literalness, but it's alleviated (much like his conquest's clothes) by his sexual generosity; it is, to quote another of the rapper's songs, "All About U."