The world will stop tonight, albeit briefly, for Beyonce's HBO documentary "Life Is But A Dream." And yes, the entire doc takes you behind the scenes with the Queen of the music industry (also: universe) right now. But we've already seen it.

The majority of the documentary's highlights come from Beyonce's personal recordings on her Macbook, while the rest are her being interviewed ,and behind-the-scenes footage from around the time that her previous album, dropped to more recent times, as she shows the world Blue Ivy Carter. There's nothing shockingly intimate about the production because, of course, it's on Beyonce's terms, but there's still some decent stuff. 

In the event you weren't able to watch it—or in the event you just want to get to the bottom of it without watching it—read on: These are the 40 Best Things We Learned Watching the Beyonce HBO Documentary.

[And, oh yeah: Spoiler alert. Kinda.]

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