(Warp, 2011)

This Glasgwegian producer is appearing all over the place now. Whether it's his TNGHT project with Lunice being bandied about as the "the next big thing" or lending his talents to help out with the production for Kanye West's "Mercy," the LuckyMe collective founder is a big reason behind the trap craze we see now. "Cbat" was originally included on HudMo's 2011 Warp Records release, but the track has now taken on a new significance. With it's bubbly bass lifting the light snares, quick hats, and cellphone samples, this little beat represents a more artistic extension to the ringtone rap fad that took over mainstream hip hop for much of the last few years. In addition to laying the groundwork for his TNGHT project, this is track still finds it's way into trap-heavy sets and it's surely had a big influence on dance music.

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