Style: Various

Fans of Anjunabeats will know the name, but Andrew Bayer seems to fly under the radar more than most. Perhaps it's by choice, just look at his Facebook page where he has a message saying "I do not accept guest mix requests, so please do not ask." So maybe we won't ever hear the mix because it seems like Mr. Bayer is perfectly content with where he's at.

As one of the intergral pieces in the Anjunabeats magic, Bayer has had complete freedom to do what he wants musically. Remixing who he wants when he wants, releasing at his own rates, Andrew Bayer is the envy of many producers. He's got the only co-sign he'll ever need in Above & Beyond, he tours when he wants, and produces whatever he wants. Progressive house, trance, glitch-hop, breaks, downtempo electronica, Bayer's creation seem to be the result of earnest creative expression. Witnessing a Bayer set is a treat and so if you have the chance, you should definitely get to it. An Essential Mix might not be on his radar, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't love to hear one.