We've already mentioned the other lyrical half of Above & Beyond's Group Therapy album with Zoē Johnston, and now her male counterpart Richard Beford makes the list. As the voice of trance worldbeater "Sun & Moon," Bedford could've made this list on the strength of that alone. But Bedford is no one-hit wonder, also putting his touches on Group Therapy singles,"Black Room Boy," "On My Way To Heaven," "Every Little Beat," and "Thing Called Love."

Along with Above & Beyond and Zoë Johnston, Bedford's lyrical performance gave Group Therapy the extra personal human touch that's had millions of fans around the world taking part in the new Group Therapy movement. Much like many of the other list's members, Bedford has not worked with many other acts to date. Perhaps he's got a certain comfortability with Above & Beyond, but with rumors of a solo release coming, we're excited to see more from Bedford.