Have you ever said to yourself, "oh, what I would do just to be near Beyoncé." Oh, that's just us. Well...if you just don't want to admit it out loud, let us tell you that there was an opportunity of a lifetime to make that dream come true. If you have read the interview with Bey for GQ's February issue, you may have come across the part where they talk about "The Beyoncé Archive," which houses every work, photograph, etc. in a "temperature-controlled storage facility." Apparently, that job could've been yours.     

A few days after the feature was posted, the Library Journal’s Tumblr unearthed a job listing from the “I Need a Library Job” daily email circa 2011/your greatest dreams. The request for a technically-savvy digital archivist was sent out by Parkwood Entertainment, Beyoncé’s management company. Apparently, some lucky Temple University students were also encouraged to apply.

Digital Archivist for Beyonce

Parkwood Entertainment

No location given- probably NYC

Parkwood Entertainment is seeking a digital archivist interested in organizing and building an archive for a major pop star (Beyonce) starting with approximately 130 TB of footage with an eye to expanding further in the future. Candidates should have experience with servers and enterprise class storage and be able to recommend hardware solutions. Looking for someone to start immediately, pay is negotiable.  Prospective applicants should e-mail resume and cover letter to: Annette Govan – Ag@Parkwoodent.com and William Kirstein – William.Kirstein@gmail.com

Yeah, we know. Don't get too down on yourself. Sidebar: 130 TB of footage?! OK, maybe it's not worth it after all. 

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[via BetaBeat]