JMSN: "Looking back on it I didn't realize how ghetto Detroit was, but I felt like I was in my own world with music. People would be skipping school to smoke weed and do drugs. I would be skipping school to go record with my Pro Tools at home. I was always inspired to do music and get out of there and go to something bigger.

"You kind of do that when you make music. You go places in your mind. So it was kind of like an escape, and it still is an escape now when I sit here in the studio. When I make a song, it's escaping from this reality that's very stagnant. 

"I lived with my mom for a while and she was very supportive. She did Christian music, so she played the piano. I took piano lessons at an early age, but I quit that because I thought guitar was cooler. I kind of wish I stayed in piano so I could play it a little better, but I can make my way around it.

"My mom, she got married a couple times. My stepdads were like, 'Why is he making so much noise in the basement?'"