There were plenty of strong showings on Elijah Blake's new EP, Bijoux 22. Particularly impressive, though, was the Common-assisted jam "X.O.X." It dives into the subject of remaining mentally attached to a former lover, something that's evident on the "Damn I miss my ex!" hook.

Today, Blake returns to the track with an artistic lyric video that you can watch above. Below, you can read some thoughts from the crooner on how the song came together.

"Everyone has that one ex that, whether we do it admittedly or not, we still wonder about from time to time. It could be a "what if" type if thing or a "Who's loving you now" kind of feeling but if you've ever truly loved it's basically inevitable, so this song represents my experience with that struggle.

"I try to write all my songs from a personal perspective so once the listener hears it they can identify with the sentiment behind the Pen. Common just kills it and pretty much sums up the thought so I'm confident that all those factors come across in this song and people can relate in their own different ways."

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