Action Bronson just returned from doing a string of shows Down Under in Australia and New Zealand, and from the looks of the footage we've seen so far, they were some epic performances. We already posted an awesome clip of Bam Bam rapping "Larry Csonka" while walking through the crowd in Wellington, and now, an equally if not more entertaining video of him performing his Party Supplies-produced loosie "Midget Cough" at Galatos in Auckland hits the web.

In the clip above, expect to see Bronson throwing women over his shoulders while he raps "Midget Cough," while other women dance seductively for him on stage and offer him joints to smoke. And of course, he hops on and off stage, grabs a drink from the bar during his set, and flings a "humongous piece of rib-eye" into the crowd. Good times. 

[via FineFormNZ]

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